The conformity mark:

A back-label fixed to the container, guarantees that the oils held within meet the requirements specified under the Protected Designation of Origin “Montes de Toledo”.

The oils protected by Protected Designation of Origin Montes de Toledo (P.D.O.), must meet the demanding product specifications established which regulate their production process (Regl. (CE) 1187 / 2000 and (UE) 593 / 2010). These specifications cover all the stages of production and guarantee not only the origin of the product, the main differentiating characteristic, but also its quality and traceability. It details the required conditions of the olive groves, their harvest, the transportation of the olives, as well as the processing of the olive fruit, its storage and packaging; without forgetting the physicochemical and organoleptic features.

Prior to the certification of each product, assessment is carried out of both the supplier facilities and its production processes to ensure the requirements are met. Not only that, but physicochemical and organoleptic analyses are carried out during this evaluation using samples taken to the effect. Hereon, the supervisory body has a surveillance plan in place that covers all the stages of the commercial life of the oils, including product sampling for later analysis.

The Tasting Panel Foundation, recognized by the International Olive Olil Council (IOOC),  alongside prestigious independent laboratories, carry out these analyses. Additionally, there is a penalty system for potential offenders which may even result in loss of user licence of the conformity mark.

All these controls are carried out by the Fundación Consejo Regulador de la Denominación del Origen Montes de Toledo (Regulatory Council of Montes de Toledo Designation of Origin Foundation) in accordance with the International Standard UNE-EN-ISO/IEC17065. This authority is accredited by the Entidad Nacional de Acreditación (ENAC) (National Accreditation Body) with number 13/C-PRO33 for the certification of the products defined in the specification. This accreditation reinforces the trustworthy profile at an international level of the technical capacity of the certifying authority, its independence and impartiality.