Our laboratory is accredited in accordance with EN ISO IEC 17025 and recogniced by IOOC.

The laboratory of organoleptic analysis at Montes de Toledo is composed of about twenty people who have been trained for a period of time which in some cases exceeds ten years. These tasters have been chosen by the Foundation since its inception through a rigorous selection process, in order to later become trained and skilled in the recognition and quantification of the attributes of olive oil. Their goal is to balance the appraisal criteria while ensuring the statistical validity in the analysis of the results. Only after passing the stringent qualification tests do they obtain the rank of tasters and their results are valid for carrying out analysis

The organoleptic analysis of olive oil (tasting) is a prerequisite in accordance with current legislation for its proper commercial classification, being the big test to overcome by those who seek the highest category: extra virgin. Nevertheless, it is well known that companies in this field have difficulty accessing the services of a laboratory or tasting panel which offers all the guarantees of both quality and diligence necessary in conducting sensory tests.

Therefore, in the Foundation CRDO Montes de Toledo, we have devoted an enormous effort to create a modern and functional laboratory of organoleptic analysis. Currently it provides the entire sector with a tasting panel service authorized by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture to perform official controls. This service determines the features of virgin olive oils, making it an officially authorized privately owned laboratory according to Regulation (CE) 795/2002 (Spanish autorized panels list). DOCM º 170). The laboratory is also accredited by the National Entity of Accreditation (ENAC) for the Norm UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 (550/LE999) since October 2006 and recognized by the International Olive Oil Council (IOOC).

However, all the afore-mentioned does not present an excess of bureaucracy that slows down laboratory activities. Quite on the contrary, from Montes de Toledo we are conscious that one of the main aspects of the quality of the tests is the speed in issuing results. This is why we aim to offer reduced delivery times that do not pose an obstacle to the normal functioning of your company.